A Million Miles Away

As the Crow Flies

At the Bottom

Bad Penny

Banker’s Blues

Big Guns

Bought and Sold

Brute Force and Ignorance

Bullfrog Blues

Calling Card

Cloak and Dagger

Continental OP

Do You Read Me

Don’t Know Where I’m Going

Don’t Start Me Talking

Double Vision

Early Warning

Easy Come, Easy Go

Failsafe Day

Follow Me

Fuel To The Fire

Garbage Man

Going To My Hometown

I Ain’t No Saint

I Fall Apart

I Shall Be Released

I Wonder Who



Kickback City

Kid Gloves

La Bamba


Loanshark Blues

Mean Disposition

Messin‘ With the Kid

Mississippi Sheiks



Off the Handle

Out Of My Mind

Out On The Western Plain

Overnight Bag


Pistol Slapper Blues

Public Enemy No. 1

Ride On Red, Ride On

Road to Hell

Secret Agent

Shadow Play

Shin Kicker

Slumming Angel

Tattoo’d Lady

The Devil Made Me Do It

The Loop

Too Much Alcohol

Used To Be

Walkin‘ Blues

Walkin‘ Wounded

Wayward Child

Who’s That Coming